Week 10


It was just a bitterly sad feeling to read this article. The way human contacts and expresses their feeling has totally changed over the past 12 years, and it’s just sad….I didn’t even think about this “digital afterlife mementos” before, and I had a strange bitter, and somehow disappointed feeling while I was reading it.

Reading the story of Tonnies is the saddest part. His relationship were most in the Internet. After he died, people show regret and condolences how they admire his works, but not a lot of them even see him in real life. It’s like nowadays we have two lives to manage: the real life, and the one we try to be or wish to be in the cyber world. And we don’t even care what is a real communication or relationship anymore. It was really hard for me when I read the comment of his last post, “Oh where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? –Paul Simon No posts or twits for two days! Hope nothing’s wrong. Maybe just concentrating on your book?” That post and that comment is kinda haunting, in my mind I thought life is too short; no one knows what or who will disappear. It’s strange that I thought about a thing about humankind while I was reading this. How in real life, people always try to make someone’s life look miserable and make it an entertaining thing for everyone. They try to bring all the bad side of that person and judge about it, but forget how great he/she is. And then, when that person die, they try to to say all the great things about that person again. They try to honor and praise his/her works like they didn’t even say a bad thing about that person; the great example is Michael Jackson. How pathetic is that !

The Entrustet is a fascinating idea that I think it could be very helpful for whom has a lot of important information online. But, not a lot of people post something that important enough on the Internet to use that service though. Most of them are personal and they don’t want anyone know the information is from them. I mean if you want to store something, the worst way is to post online or in digital which many people do right now. I wonder if any of the information that everyone posts online will disappear someday. There are so easy to post something online, and there are like a ton of information that no one uses again.

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Week 9 – Part.2

I chose to do the Zine project by myself. I read many Zines in http://www.qzap.org and felt Zine is something personal that I should write by myself; it’s more like a free emotional writing (like a diary) more than a formal Manifesto. Thus, I think it should be written by a person rather than a team. I chose to write about an issue I always have when I’m studying in the U.S: the unopened-mindedness of cultures. At some point, I felt it’s too personal to submit the Zine because I was afraid people would think I try to conclude a stereotype that’s not true; but, I thought everything I said in the Zine was true and I didn’t write anything rude in it, so I decided to submit it. It was surprising how I wrote it naturally, and it didn’t take a lot of time, because it was like writing a journal or diary, which I actually do. However, I wish I had more time to draw some pictures and make the Zine looks eye-catching, but I’m happy with the result. As I said, I don’t want to conclude any stereotype in my Zine; I just want to show some experiences that I have had about this issue, which was really fun to recall to write. Recalling these experiences that I have faced, I realized studying abroad is a most awesome thing I have even done in my life. Because of it, I could know more about culture, and open my eyes to the world.

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Week 9 – Part 1

“Reading as a rhetorical move”

This is the free write that I wrote in class:

Most of the things that grab my attention to read are either have eye-catching images or presentation or related to cooking field. I have a strong passion for food–both cooking and eating it. I collect so many books that relate to cooking field; however, I always buy books that have pictures that represent the foods. I hate when a cooking book doesn’t even have any pictures to see what the result looks like; I rather to go online and look up the recipe than buy a book that has no pictures. I want to open my own bakery (or restaurant) someday in here or in  Vietnam; that’s my dream when I have started cooking. One of my favorite magazine is “Food Network”; it always has ton of recipes and helpful tips for cooking. Also, the way it organizes is just so fascinating to read and easy to find the recipes again when you need it. I’m a big fan of Food Network Channel; I wish someday I could appear in a competition on that channel. I admit I’m a person who cares the appearance more than the inside part. Thus, reading books is not my thing. However, I like to read a book when somebody recommend me to read it, and of course if I want to read it too.

This is one of my favorite competition on Food Channel: “Sweet Genius” I find it so fascinating and inspirational. I hope someday I will be in it. This is one episode of the show; I’m sure everyone who like baking would fall for this show:

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Week 8 – part 2

For my field work research, it’s a bit challenging for me to find a person that really shows the shyness. I know a girl in my high school on San Juan Island, Friday Harbor, that definitely a shy person, but something about her is very cool, so everyone loves her a lot. It’s so hard for me to contact to her because she doesn’t use any social network site like facebook or twitter, and she doesn’t even have a cell phone. Thus, I gave up that choice.

Then I chose my best friend who lives in Texas to interview instead. According to all the hard to she’s having to make friends in her school, I think she is considered as a shy person. She was not a shy person back in Vietnam though; I know her for a long time, so it’s very surprising when she told me she was having a hard time to deal with her life in Texas. The day I interviewed her by Skype, I wonder if she answered the questions honestly, because what she said is friendly and optimistic. After this interview, I just think shyness has many different forms; sometimes, you think that person is shy, but she/he just has a hard time to deal with her/his new life. Moreover, you can’t make a shy persons answer honestly for your questions in the interview because they just don’t want to accept the fact.

For my resources, each of the articles show a different thing that relate to shyness, such as Internet, Depression, Loneliness, Bullying, Romantic Relationship, Children’s Literature Development etc. All of them are very interesting to read, but it’s too broad to use for my paper. I had a hard time to choose which ones I should use. However, for me my paper right now is very organized and has a effective point to say.

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Week 8 – part 1

At first in class, I chose optimistic as my public emotion, and this is a Q-H-Q exercise I did:

Question: How to be optimistic when negative things always affect your life?

Hypothesis: You need to look at the negative things as lessons fr your life.

Free write: What if those “lessons” keep coming to your life? Sometimes, you need to look at what you accomplish as energy pills for your optimistic emotion.

After that, I thought “optimistic” is not a topic that has a lot of points to say, so I chose “autistic”. But then, because of the broad and complicated resources of this topic, I took it down a level and chose my topic as “shyness”. These are some question I came up with:

  • Does shy mean unsociable?
  • In some aspect, do people consider shy as modest?
  • Can a person become shy or it’s a personality?

At that time, I hoped to find some theologies about the relationship between modesty and shyness. For me it’s a interesting thing to learn and know, but I couldn’t find any. So I turned to find some factors that occur shyness and how shy people think and react toward society. I ended up with a bunch of resources that I didn’t know how to arrange and make it useful for my paper. If I could do my paper again, I think I would go and find some real stories by myself about shyness. It would make my paper have more effective evidences.

This is my survey about shyness on Survey Monkey. It has 11 responds so far:


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Week 7

The first paragraph of “What’s So Bad About Hate” is very haunting and hard to forget. The author describes the crime act of Buford Furrow Jr. so vivid. It gave me goose bump while I was reading it. It shows how crazy and cruel a human being can become because of the hate he/she has. One of the event in this article gave me a thought about our society is the fire fighters’ parade on Jamaica Bay. It’s just funny how these fire fighters carelessly acted all the racist things and didn’t even know they evoke public’s angry feeling. This is so true for our society and humanity; we never know what we do is cruel and totally inappropriate for others. We act carelessly and don’t care (or don’t even know) what others think about us. This is why so many hate appear in our world that we don’t even know how it appear in the first place. When I think about hate, I think about stereotype. Many of us hate someone for just the thing we hear from somewhere about them. Sometimes, it’s harmless, but sometimes, it creates a big wall that can not break down. Hate is a thing we never can avoid, but if we have mind that willing to learn the truth, I think hate will not appear randomly and unreasonably.

For the definition paper I choose “shyness” as my public emotion because shyness is the emotion I used to have when I lived in Vietnam and probably still even now; so I understand how shy people feel. I chose to go to the U.S to change my life and have better personality. And I have to say, studying abroad has changed me a total different person in a good way. Shyness is very complicated and not easy to define because it’s usually based on stereotype. Everyone can overcome it and become more friendly and have better life. The thing is you just have to accept it and be willing to change.

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Week 6

Hi my name is Tue. This is my blog for English 101’s project in Bellevue College.

          My first project for this class is an Apology paper. I choose to write an apology from the people in technologically entertaining industry to consumers. I choose this topic because nowadays, technology becomes an huge part of our lives. Young people are put into a passive life by technological advancement; it keeps them away fro nature and socially active life. This problem has become a bigger issue when adults encourage it becomes an important part of young generation’s life directly and indirectly. Children and teenagers can use technologies anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, with the “help” of technology, media (including TV, video game, music, movie and Internet) becomes an enormous part of their lives. Despite of the negative effects, people in this industry are ignoring the harmfulness for young generation and keep spreading their inventions all over the world. Because of all these issues, people in technologically entertaining industry need to give an apology to not only adults, teenagers, but also children–our young and future generation.

          I feel ok about my result. This is my first time to do a deep research with different type of writing like this, so I think my paper is not very good, but I did the best I could. Also, I’m happy with my grade. If I could do this again, I would just choose the focus on one technology thing like cell phone or computer or the Internet, so I could focus it on more and analysis my thesis deeper.

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