Week 8 – part 1

At first in class, I chose optimistic as my public emotion, and this is a Q-H-Q exercise I did:

Question: How to be optimistic when negative things always affect your life?

Hypothesis: You need to look at the negative things as lessons fr your life.

Free write: What if those “lessons” keep coming to your life? Sometimes, you need to look at what you accomplish as energy pills for your optimistic emotion.

After that, I thought “optimistic” is not a topic that has a lot of points to say, so I chose “autistic”. But then, because of the broad and complicated resources of this topic, I took it down a level and chose my topic as “shyness”. These are some question I came up with:

  • Does shy mean unsociable?
  • In some aspect, do people consider shy as modest?
  • Can a person become shy or it’s a personality?

At that time, I hoped to find some theologies about the relationship between modesty and shyness. For me it’s a interesting thing to learn and know, but I couldn’t find any. So I turned to find some factors that occur shyness and how shy people think and react toward society. I ended up with a bunch of resources that I didn’t know how to arrange and make it useful for my paper. If I could do my paper again, I think I would go and find some real stories by myself about shyness. It would make my paper have more effective evidences.

This is my survey about shyness on Survey Monkey. It has 11 responds so far:


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