Week 6

Hi my name is Tue. This is my blog for English 101’s project in Bellevue College.

          My first project for this class is an Apology paper. I choose to write an apology from the people in technologically entertaining industry to consumers. I choose this topic because nowadays, technology becomes an huge part of our lives. Young people are put into a passive life by technological advancement; it keeps them away fro nature and socially active life. This problem has become a bigger issue when adults encourage it becomes an important part of young generation’s life directly and indirectly. Children and teenagers can use technologies anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, with the “help” of technology, media (including TV, video game, music, movie and Internet) becomes an enormous part of their lives. Despite of the negative effects, people in this industry are ignoring the harmfulness for young generation and keep spreading their inventions all over the world. Because of all these issues, people in technologically entertaining industry need to give an apology to not only adults, teenagers, but also children–our young and future generation.

          I feel ok about my result. This is my first time to do a deep research with different type of writing like this, so I think my paper is not very good, but I did the best I could. Also, I’m happy with my grade. If I could do this again, I would just choose the focus on one technology thing like cell phone or computer or the Internet, so I could focus it on more and analysis my thesis deeper.

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