Week 7

The first paragraph of “What’s So Bad About Hate” is very haunting and hard to forget. The author describes the crime act of Buford Furrow Jr. so vivid. It gave me goose bump while I was reading it. It shows how crazy and cruel a human being can become because of the hate he/she has. One of the event in this article gave me a thought about our society is the fire fighters’ parade on Jamaica Bay. It’s just funny how these fire fighters carelessly acted all the racist things and didn’t even know they evoke public’s angry feeling. This is so true for our society and humanity; we never know what we do is cruel and totally inappropriate for others. We act carelessly and don’t care (or don’t even know) what others think about us. This is why so many hate appear in our world that we don’t even know how it appear in the first place. When I think about hate, I think about stereotype. Many of us hate someone for just the thing we hear from somewhere about them. Sometimes, it’s harmless, but sometimes, it creates a big wall that can not break down. Hate is a thing we never can avoid, but if we have mind that willing to learn the truth, I think hate will not appear randomly and unreasonably.

For the definition paper I choose “shyness” as my public emotion because shyness is the emotion I used to have when I lived in Vietnam and probably still even now; so I understand how shy people feel. I chose to go to the U.S to change my life and have better personality. And I have to say, studying abroad has changed me a total different person in a good way. Shyness is very complicated and not easy to define because it’s usually based on stereotype. Everyone can overcome it and become more friendly and have better life. The thing is you just have to accept it and be willing to change.

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