Week 9 – Part.2

I chose to do the Zine project by myself. I read many Zines in http://www.qzap.org and felt Zine is something personal that I should write by myself; it’s more like a free emotional writing (like a diary) more than a formal Manifesto. Thus, I think it should be written by a person rather than a team. I chose to write about an issue I always have when I’m studying in the U.S: the unopened-mindedness of cultures. At some point, I felt it’s too personal to submit the Zine because I was afraid people would think I try to conclude a stereotype that’s not true; but, I thought everything I said in the Zine was true and I didn’t write anything rude in it, so I decided to submit it. It was surprising how I wrote it naturally, and it didn’t take a lot of time, because it was like writing a journal or diary, which I actually do. However, I wish I had more time to draw some pictures and make the Zine looks eye-catching, but I’m happy with the result. As I said, I don’t want to conclude any stereotype in my Zine; I just want to show some experiences that I have had about this issue, which was really fun to recall to write. Recalling these experiences that I have faced, I realized studying abroad is a most awesome thing I have even done in my life. Because of it, I could know more about culture, and open my eyes to the world.

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