Week 9 – Part 1

“Reading as a rhetorical move”

This is the free write that I wrote in class:

Most of the things that grab my attention to read are either have eye-catching images or presentation or related to cooking field. I have a strong passion for food–both cooking and eating it. I collect so many books that relate to cooking field; however, I always buy books that have pictures that represent the foods. I hate when a cooking book doesn’t even have any pictures to see what the result looks like; I rather to go online and look up the recipe than buy a book that has no pictures. I want to open my own bakery (or restaurant) someday in here or in  Vietnam; that’s my dream when I have started cooking. One of my favorite magazine is “Food Network”; it always has ton of recipes and helpful tips for cooking. Also, the way it organizes is just so fascinating to read and easy to find the recipes again when you need it. I’m a big fan of Food Network Channel; I wish someday I could appear in a competition on that channel. I admit I’m a person who cares the appearance more than the inside part. Thus, reading books is not my thing. However, I like to read a book when somebody recommend me to read it, and of course if I want to read it too.

This is one of my favorite competition on Food Channel: “Sweet Genius” I find it so fascinating and inspirational. I hope someday I will be in it. This is one episode of the show; I’m sure everyone who like baking would fall for this show:

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