Week 8 – part 2

For my field work research, it’s a bit challenging for me to find a person that really shows the shyness. I know a girl in my high school on San Juan Island, Friday Harbor, that definitely a shy person, but something about her is very cool, so everyone loves her a lot. It’s so hard for me to contact to her because she doesn’t use any social network site like facebook or twitter, and she doesn’t even have a cell phone. Thus, I gave up that choice.

Then I chose my best friend who lives in Texas to interview instead. According to all the hard to she’s having to make friends in her school, I think she is considered as a shy person. She was not a shy person back in Vietnam though; I know her for a long time, so it’s very surprising when she told me she was having a hard time to deal with her life in Texas. The day I interviewed her by Skype, I wonder if she answered the questions honestly, because what she said is friendly and optimistic. After this interview, I just think shyness has many different forms; sometimes, you think that person is shy, but she/he just has a hard time to deal with her/his new life. Moreover, you can’t make a shy persons answer honestly for your questions in the interview because they just don’t want to accept the fact.

For my resources, each of the articles show a different thing that relate to shyness, such as Internet, Depression, Loneliness, Bullying, Romantic Relationship, Children’s Literature Development etc. All of them are very interesting to read, but it’s too broad to use for my paper. I had a hard time to choose which ones I should use. However, for me my paper right now is very organized and has a effective point to say.

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