Week 10


It was just a bitterly sad feeling to read this article. The way human contacts and expresses their feeling has totally changed over the past 12 years, and it’s just sad….I didn’t even think about this “digital afterlife mementos” before, and I had a strange bitter, and somehow disappointed feeling while I was reading it.

Reading the story of Tonnies is the saddest part. His relationship were most in the Internet. After he died, people show regret and condolences how they admire his works, but not a lot of them even see him in real life. It’s like nowadays we have two lives to manage: the real life, and the one we try to be or wish to be in the cyber world. And we don’t even care what is a real communication or relationship anymore. It was really hard for me when I read the comment of his last post, “Oh where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? –Paul Simon No posts or twits for two days! Hope nothing’s wrong. Maybe just concentrating on your book?” That post and that comment is kinda haunting, in my mind I thought life is too short; no one knows what or who will disappear. It’s strange that I thought about a thing about humankind while I was reading this. How in real life, people always try to make someone’s life look miserable and make it an entertaining thing for everyone. They try to bring all the bad side of that person and judge about it, but forget how great he/she is. And then, when that person die, they try to to say all the great things about that person again. They try to honor and praise his/her works like they didn’t even say a bad thing about that person; the great example is Michael Jackson. How pathetic is that !

The Entrustet is a fascinating idea that I think it could be very helpful for whom has a lot of important information online. But, not a lot of people post something that important enough on the Internet to use that service though. Most of them are personal and they don’t want anyone know the information is from them. I mean if you want to store something, the worst way is to post online or in digital which many people do right now. I wonder if any of the information that everyone posts online will disappear someday. There are so easy to post something online, and there are like a ton of information that no one uses again.

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